About US

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Who We Are

Hello there, we’re PODS Products and we design and make the coolest and most innovative sensory play spaces in this world and the universe. We truly have always been excited by being captured by experiences and creative spaces. We are designers, dreamers and wannabe astronauts. Years of imaginative play has turned into years of creative thinking and design in making PODS. We understand the need for children to have their own space to relax, learn and play in. 


Our Mission 

When we started, we set out to do what we love, to combine everything we adore about design, technology and imagination, but most of all, it had to be fun. 


With the concept of PODS having never been done before, our path to innovation is revolutionary. Our intrinsic belief that the design of PODS must be an environment for imaginations to run wild in hours of experiential play and relaxation. We created our adventure portals to be the facilitator to wonderful play, taking mini explorers on a journey through many magical experiences. 

Meet The Founder

“As a child growing up I was quite practical, making dens in the woods, makeshift tents out of sheets and washing lines and fortresses out of cushions. But most of all it was my imagination that harnessed my creativity. Playing with figurines right up to the start of secondary school (guilty), I was constantly lost in hours of imaginary worlds. 


I gained an engineering background from my Father, a model engineer. Coupled with years of structural design experience and studying music, my creative curiosity and experience with working with children with sensory needs led me to design PODS.


The product was developed and has been improving since 2014, with every year adding enhancements to the environments we create for children. In 2019 the addition of themed audiobooks, ebooks and sound effects gave me the opportunity to get even more creative and build a deeper imaginary world that I used to seek when I was a child.”

Alex Ford, PODS Products CEO