How? What? Where? When? Why?

We’ve put down all the frequently asked questions we’ve had about PODS.

If there is a question which we haven’t listed please get in touch and a member of our friendly team will help with your query.

How does PODS® work?
Simply unpack PODS® from the bag or backpack, plug in the power supplies into a 13amp socket and let PODS® inflate.

How long does PODS® take to set up?
PODS® takes less than a minute to set up.

How much power does PODS® require?
2 x 13amp household sockets or one socket and an extension cable with at least two input sockets.
Does PODS® need constant power?
Yes. PODS® is an airflow system structure. PODS® requires constant power to run the fan which provides the necessary airflow to keep PODS® upright.

What happens if the power goes?
PODS® will deflate but being an extremely lightweight and breathable material it won’t injure any of the explorers inside. We’ve also added a safety feature in the form of a power loss alarm. If the power does go out then the battery powered alarm will sound to warn children to exit PODS and parents to.
How big is PODS®? Dimensions?
Inflated exterior dimensions are:1800mm diameter x 1800mm High (allow a space of 2000mm x 2000mm when unpacking onto floor)
Inflated Interior play area dimensions
1300mm diameter usable floor space of 1.33 square metres. Height to inner roof is 1550mm

Deflated and packed away size
500 x 400 x 400mm

How Does PODS® pack away?

Make sure PODS is clear from any objects or children before packing away.

Simply turn off the power to PODS by unplugging the power leads from the sockets.

Let PODS deflate naturally. To speed up the deflation time unzip the exterior zips that access the inside of the structure. Make sure these are then zipped back up when you want to inflate PODS again.

We advise that the fan is removed before placing PODS in the backpack.

Simply part the Velcro from the fan and structure.

Unplug the lighting adapter by unzipping the back access in to the structure.

Fold PODS in half lengthways and then in half again into a quarter.

Once folded, start rolling, starting from the roof rolling towards the fan to create a neat compact roll.

Place PODS in the Backpack, placing the grey separating flap over and then followed by the fan and lighting adapter on top.

The remote Control lives in the handy little pocket so it won’t get lost.

Zip Up the bag and off you go, taking the PODS adventure with you wherever you explore.

How do I change the graphics?
To remove the graphics: Start with either the outside or inside banner, simply unzip the bottom zip first, followed by the top and remove the graphic, fold neatly.

To apply the graphics: Start with either the outside or inside banner, simply zip the top zip first, followed by the bottom.


What materials is PODS® made from?
PODS® core structure is made from flame retardant nylon.
Is PODS® easy to wipe clean or wash?
Yes, the main structure and graphics can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Do not use detergents.
Where can you buy it?
What is included with the product?

1 x PODS® structure

1 x Interior Themed Graphic

1 x Exterior Themed Graphic

1 x Fan

1 x LED Light Strip

1 x Remote Control

All Pre Installed in:

1 x PODS®  Back Pack For Easy Transport

What different designs/graphics are available?
How stable is it? Can it be pushed over?
PODS® is as stable as any conventional tent. It cannot be pushed over. We advise as with all temporary structures not to lean against it.

Can it be used indoor and outdoor?
PODS® is predominantly an inside product. It can be used outdoors on fine days, however we do not promote this. PODS® requires ground anchoring by internal ballasting. The material is waterproof and has a UV protective coating.
How does the remote control work?
PODS® remote control works via radio frequency. It comes supplied with 2 x AAA batteries. Colours can be adjusted via the touch sensitive colour wheel. Other control options possible with the remote control are colour changing modes, speed of lights changing colour, brightness and also an on/off facility.

How bright are the lights?
The lights are adjustable through the remote control. The brightness ranges from 310 – 1080 Lumens. The lights do completely turn OFF should you not want any light.
How long can it be setup for?
PODS® can be setup for as long as you want. As long as there is a supply of power, children can play in a fully immersive experience for as long as they desire.