Why is it so important for children to have immersive play areas at school?

Immersive learning has shown to be beneficial to children gaining a number of transferable skills that are difficult to attain from some traditional types of learning. We have explored a number of the benefits below.

1) With the growing digital era children are being introduced to technology at a younger age than ever. Many children able to use different platforms of technology at home such as television, iPads, computers, and so on. All of these types of outlets appeal to visual learning as well as frequently kinaesthetic, as they offer children an active role. By keeping up to date with teaching techniques, and incorporating different teaching methods it results in all types of learning being catered for. As well as this it helps learning methods in being less monotonous with the integration of variety and diversity.

2) Types of learning have been broken down into four categories; reading/writing, visual, kinaesthetic, and auditory. Statistics show that approximately half of the population are made up of visual learnings, and the next largest percentage being of kinaesthetic learners. The immersive pods allow for children to visually connect with a new environment which is transferrable to the learning curriculum. As children are taught of nature and the idea of science, our Sub Aqua Quest Pod and Galactic Space Adventure Pod give the visual impact that will make the learning experience stick in their memory. At younger ages it is proven that children are able to absorb more information, and therefore with visual learning being dominant in type, it adds to the gaining of knowledge and information.

3) Immersive learning also eliminates the barriers between the student and the content. Children learn in an active and fully involved way, diverging from traditional passive forms that can prove harder to sink in. At an age where children are full on energy they can use it to assist with their sensory learning.

4) The use of an immersive learning environment eradicates distractions due to its controlled setting. By creating a completely new and unique environment there is no time for the child to be distracted by what is happening outside. This will aid children’s concentration skills which is an important and transferable quality for children’s future.

5) It also adds a unique and exciting element to learning, which children can look forward to. By allowing children to have part of their school day spent in something a little extraordinary – such as flying around in space, or exploring the ocean (in our inflatable pop – up POD) , it allows children to have their own secluded area where they can use their imaginations and expand their creativity.

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