Portable Sanctuaries for Outreach Groups

Having a safe zone that provides comfort and familiarity can offer peace of mind to those diagnosed with ASD, ADHD, Aspergers or any kind of learning difficulty. The familiarity of the household, bedroom and other familiar environments offer comfort and security, especially when anxious or under mental strain. These familiar spaces, however, are not portable which can result in panic or hesitation when there is a change in someone’s life or daily routine. Changes of scenery and being in unknown situations can often trigger rapid changes in behaviour. For family members, friends and carers, it can be stressful to provide safety and comfort when out of regular surroundings.

Whilst the home is a familiar place for all children and a place where they feel most safe and relaxed, sometimes leaving the house to go to a specialist centre can be traumatic for both the child and the carer or parent. Outreach teams from Ellenor and Stockdales team of care staff have on the road carers which bring innovative products and sensory equipment to the home, alleviating the stress of leaving the house. These amazing groups of people provide a fantastic service and bring huge amounts of fun to children in their own relaxed, known space.

Many schools, recreational centres, airports and hospitals across the globe now offer sensory rooms and safe zones which can provide sanctuary when on the move. One example includes Maryville Middle School in the United States, pictured below. Utilising underwater and space themes alongside calming lights and soothing textures, this sensory zone is designed to “refocus a sensory overload” or “create a stimulating space to burn excess energy.”

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Although highly beneficial for those with ASD or other learning difficulties, many parents and carers do not have the time, money or space in the house to create this kind of environment. Furthermore, the problem of portability remains as these spaces are not always accessible on trips, vacations or even daily occasions which necessitate travelling. The PODS are quick and easy to inflate and within minutes these PODS become a safe, designated space in which anyone can seek refuge from the stress of the day or take a relaxation break. For those who have already installed PODS in the home, the lights and colourful, creative themes have effectively encouraged learning and play amongst children as well as offering a safe and calming environment. With this in mind, the portability of PODS means that anyone can have a familiar sanctuary on the go, creating peace of mind. In the same way that Maryville have created a fixed sensory space, our PODS are a pop-up space that can create the same environment in the form of a portable apparatus. Fast, hassle-free and benefiting from complete portability, our PODS can be carried by hand or popped into the boot of a car for any and all purposes.

Image Credit: http://www.maryvilledailyforum.com/features/article_a0e5df98-f781-11e5-86c6-5b207180abf0.html

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