Creative Learning

Where innovation is culture 

Learning at home can have many benefits. Being surrounded by a familiar environment that is comfortable makes for effective education.


PODS generates a relaxing vibe, which is key to thought process and the ability to absorb information.

We’ve created PODS, a pop up learning space which gives your whizz kids their very own personal hub for traditional reading, writing and studying. With today’s culture, PODS can be the place to type, code and research on the web.

New Thinking

Homework just got a lot more cool....

For younger children, our pop up learning spaces create a fully immersive habitat for reading, be it along with adults or flying solo with the adventures of Professor PODS and his right hand Badger. Our new eBooks and Audio books, when coupled with the relaxing environment make story time a real spectacle and highlight of the day.


PODS is a great space which inspires homework and aids concentration and creativity. Study, reading and creative based learning flourishes and is prolonged due to the extremely cool setting that PODS creates.


By closing the door, explorers can shut themselves off from the world around in a safe and secure area. Being surrounded by 360 degrees of illuminated colours and themed scenery, it’s easy to be immersed and in the zone.