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PODS is a themed inflatable tent designed as an educational tool, to prolong children’s concentration periods. PODS has many therapeutic applications, simply as an engaging experience or to complement a child’s favourite toy, creating a unique and personal environment with cognitive benefits.

PODS is that first step in creating a role play environment that kids can flourish in. For parents who want their children to be future pilots, doctors, historians, inventors and general geniuses.

These pop up PODS are fantastic place for kids to do home work in as they have their own ‘mini office’ to extend their passion for learning by creating a completely different atmosphere for education. These pop up PODS are the perfect reading pod for children to go to when they need a calming place to enjoy their favourite book.

Research shows that creativity is one of the most highly regarded attribute in children. Creative play involves problem solving and making choices, showing emotion and thinking outside the box or POD as we like to say.

PODS can give children the opportunity to become creative, innovative, enterprising and capable of leadership to equip them for their future lives as workers and citizens. Creativity has recently been granted official recognition as one of the overarching aims of the curriculum in schools. Creativity has recently been granted official recognition as one of the overarching aims of the curriculum in English schools. Children want to learn everything they possibly can about the world, so they ask questions, climb trees, eat crayons and play pretend through role play.

We decided to create a pop up tent that would fuel kids’ curiosity and encourage them to develop their inquisitiveness to environments that may not be accessible for example being high up in outer space or underwater on the floor of the ocean.

If you are a council and learn more about how PODS can work in schools in your area then let’s speak. We can work with you and your needs if you are needing something a little more bespoke with different designs and sizes.

To see how PODS benefits children with sensory needs please see here.

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