It's Playtime

Imagination, running wild

Play tents have many shapes sizes and forms, PODS is here to take the future of play tents into the next gen(air)ation…. We couldn’t resist the pun… Like PODS, we’re full of air….


Imagination is a wonderful thing, something that flourishes in early years and youth. Our ‘revolutionairy’ new sensory play spaces are the ultimate vessel to send kids to the moon, delve into the depths of the ocean or even walk with dinosaurs (stay tuned)...

Plug In
Pop- Up

Zero to inflated in 40 seconds

PODS play tents really are as easy as, plug in, pop up and play. In 40 seconds this stunning play den makes the most creative and inspiring place to play.


With interchangeable themes, a child's world can change in a matter of zip and unzip. Changing their role play activities, enhancing new vocabulary and creating hours of immersive playtime.


To make story time even more magical, we’ve also introduced complementing illustrated eBooks, audio books and sound effects, creating another dimension to the world of experiential play.


Astronauts can drift through the milky way with sounds of rocket burners and shooting stars. Deep sea divers can immerse themselves in calming ocean waves and bubbles plus more themed exciting audio effects and stories.

Parents Keep Out...

Your little one's personal space to call their own

PODS is the perfect partner for all toys as it makes a creative space for imaginative thinking and sensory play. The setting of an illuminated landscape within the POD is the most playful environment we’ve seen.


New this Autumn, PODS has added a removable door to each theme, so your little ones can have their own little hideaway, but parents, don’t worry, you can still keep an eye on the little adventurers through the porthole.

...Until the kids are in bed

Why do kids get all the fun?

We’ve also added extra comfort to play time. Our new removable memory foam pad simply zips into the base of the POD. This gives the family more comfort during story time inside the POD.


There is no height limit to PODS, so adults, you can have a play and relax when the kids have gone to bed. We’ve had parents use this as their own personal cave for computer games as it is an experience like no other.

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