PODS Custom

Let our team of illustrators, creative writers and audio content creators design and produce a unique theme for those very special little people in your life. 

Sub aqua Luxury sensory Play Tent £990 .


Create a bespoke experience for your child, bring their dream into reality in your own home.


PODS - have it your way, well actually, your kids’ way, as we all know they’re the real boss.

What we need to make your very own custom POD


  • Your theme, e.g superheroes, horses stable, football team, fairy garden 

  • Your child or children's names


Any other useful information to increase the magic.

  • Any nicknames 

  • Favourite colour

  • Any special place, a favourite toy or pet name

  • Any notable hobbies 

  • Date of birth 

  • Any sibling’s names


Choose from

  • PODS, PODSmini or a custom size

  • Your child's very own theme or idea. Themed graphics: Interior, exterior and door. All fully removable and usable with all PODS. 

  • Personalisation: Your child's name wherever you fancy. E.G, Charlie's POD

  • Very own specially written storybook and ebook 

  • Very own recorded AudioBook

  • Custom sound effect to match the theme

Need Some Inspiration?

No problem! We can offer a 1-1 Zoom Consultation. Helping you to dream up the perfect portable experience.


Talk with our creative and designs expert about the possibilities for your custom POD.

PODS Custom: From £2000

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