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Themed Digital Pack

Introducing our brand new PODS App which is now available to download on your smart device! You will be able to access your PODS themed digital pack which includes sound effects, an e-book and audio book.

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New Digital Packs

With our new digital packs, explorers can thrive in imaginative play and read along to the adventures of Professor PODS as he travels around to his different missions.

The pack contains 1 x illustrated short story eBook, the matching audio book and complementing mp3 sound effects.

Available to Download

Discover your themes' digital pack on our new PODS App. Now available to download via the App Store and Google Play.

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1. Download from App Store/Google Play. App is called 'PODS Play'


2. Make an account and select your status.


3. Verify email address.


4. We will grant you access to your Digital Pack on the App.


5. Complete!