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Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Sensory rooms have so many benefits for children with learning difficulties, physical disabilities such as autism and visual impairments. Children and adults use time spent in sensory rooms to relax and stimulate senses.

Since their existence, sensory rooms at home have brought relaxation and time out in periods of meltdown and provide a generally chilled space from over busy and stimulating environments.

Sensory rooms are usually found in schools, hospitals, respite centres and now can be more regularly found in airports. If you live in an area far away from your nearest sensory room and find it difficult to manage to transport your child then a sensory room at home is a welcome installation for the family.

Sensory rooms at home are fast becoming a popular request and installation within the home. With the 2020 world social lockdown, children with complex needs have never needed sensory stimulation at home more than ever.

What makes PODS such a great home sensory room?

  • Soft and tactile materials: The sense of touch and different textures is important. Providing enough tangible materials is essential for this.

  • Lighting: A very important addition to a home sensory room would be the use of different coloured lights. Moving lights are an added bonus in order for the visually impaired to light track and stimulate their senses.

  • Have an area which can be shut off and a sense of their own. Some children feel safe when surrounded by their very own personal space, like a tent or den. Autistic children particularly like to feel they want to shut themselves off from the rest of the world from time to time, come to think of it, don’t we all. It’s a great way to alleviate stress.

Ideas to create a DIY sensory room at Home:

  • Create a Darkroom Add a projector for moving lights

  • Mix in some fibre optics for physical light play

  • Bubble tubes are warming and calming

  • Soft matting adds comfort and support

  • Source tactile equipment with real play value. This differs from child to child based on their needs.

Benefits of a sensory room at home

  • On-demand usage. Children and adults can use the home sensory space whenever they like, no need to book it in or have to wait for a scheduled appointment. This can be beneficial as meltdowns and times of challenging behaviour are rarely like clockwork and can occur anytime throughout the day. Having your very own sensory room at home allows users to be exposed to the relaxing effects that the sensory space has to offer.

  • Less time waiting and travelling with dedicated trips to the nearest sensory room facility. This also means less of a logistical issue if you’re having to navigate wheelchairs in and out of disability vehicles or children that generally don’t like to travel.

  • The comfort of your own home. There’s no place like home, it’s familiar surroundings makes it the ideal place to have your very own sensory room.

  • The option to choose whatever you would like within the room. This is particularly beneficial as equipment can be selected based on the user’s specific needs.


  • Cost - adding equipment costs with installation and delivery fees can sometimes mean a large figure is required for your dream sensory room.

  • Dedicated space needed - To create sufficient space to install a sensory room at home a room is needed to be dedicated as its sole purpose, this isn’t always possible in some houses, flats or apartments.

  • Long install times. Depending on the level of equipment and design, installations of sensory rooms can take anywhere from a few hours to a few months. However once installed, it’s good to go by simply opening the door and turning on the equipment.

  • Fixed location - With a lot of equipment in one location, your sensory room isn’t going anywhere in a hurry.

With PODS, portable sensory room, you can now have your very own portable sensory room at home. Suitable in most rooms in the house (space permitting), PODS can be taken from room to room and floor to floor.

As PODS has interchangeable themes, users can mix up the theme to give a range of adventurous experiences. Check out the themes here. With each theme comes a matching digital pack that includes themed sound effects, audiobook and ebook. This takes the adventure to another dimension, creating a unique platform for imaginative play, creative learning and sensory relaxation.

PODs turns pretty much any room into a sensory room and a 360-degree immersive space in no time at all.

PODS comes straight out of the bag with a plug and play set up so it’s incredibly easy. Kids also love the POD popping up as part of the sensory experience.

Creating a sensory room on a budget in your home has never been so easy. In just 40 seconds PODS pops up in whatever room or venue you fancy, providing a familiar sensory space.

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