Sensory PODS

Pods Products Sub Aqua Inflatable Play Tent Pink Lights Bedroom

PODS Products produce innovative pop up sensory spaces for children with hearing disabilities, learning difficulties and sensory needs such as autism across the spectrum.

With interchangeable 360° interior and exterior graphics, children’s experiences can change in a matter of minutes.

PODS transforms in low levels of light as integral colour changing lights glow and create a cool ambient atmosphere where children can go to hideaway and relax. Fully adjustable, the LED lights can be altered to change colour, brightness, light changing speed and can be switched off completely by the use of a remote control. In low levels of ambient light PODS turns into a mesmerizing and engaging personal environment that can be relaxing for all children.

These sensory PODS set the scene in a perfect environment for relaxation where kids can immerse themselves in an experience as if they were there. PODS themes include ‘The Galactic Space Adventure’ and ‘Sub Aqua Quest’. Children can “Climb aboard” the PODS Interstellar 14 spacecraft for an outer world experience or “Take a dive” to the depths of the ocean floor respectively.

These almost hypnotic, revolutionary and highly innovative inflatable PODS are a sight to behold not only for children, many parents tell us that they too would like one for themselves.

Suitable for both girls and boys, PODS is an experiential product that will keep children safe and calm for hours, leaving parents time for themselves whilst their little adventurers relax in the visual surroundings. In addition, the door access has been designed to create enough clearance for a child’s wheelchair with sufficient space inside to turn around.

PODS takes less than a minute to set up, and a few minutes to pack away. Simply unpack PODS from the bag or backpack, plug in the power supplies and let PODS inflate.

As PODS is made of 90% air, packing away is simple once deflated. The removable graphics can also be wiped clean to maintain cleanliness and product aesthetics.

PODS has a battery safety alarm fitted to warn children and their parents if a power cut should occur, ensuring children are left safe and free to relax.

To see how PODS benefits children’s learning please see here.

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