Sensory Tents

A treat for the senses

Here at PODS Products, we recognise how hard it can be to engage in play, learning or relaxation time with children living with hearing disabilities, learning difficulties and other sensory needs such as autism. 

That is why we have designed and created our version of the sensory tent. Gone are the days where the parents of children living with difficulties are faced with the daunting prospect of unsupervised or unsuitable environments for their children.


Whether or not your child suffers from learning difficulties, autism or hearing problems, the sensory tent becomes a place for them to hideaway and spend time as an individual – free from the outside world where their difficulties may throw up daily challenges which they, and you, have to overcome. 

Illuminated Worlds

A treat for the senses

PODS utilise remote controlled internal sensory lighting to create a perfect space for children to learn and play; creating an environment in which their imaginations have no limits.


Although perfect for every child to enjoy, these PODS make a particularly special environment for children with sensory needs, physical disabilities and learning difficulties. 

These PODS have already been introduced in many homes across the world, but have also been seen in specialist schools, hospitals, hospices, creches, respite centres and hotels.

Zero to inflated

AS PODs is made of 90% air, it really does pack down into a small handy backpack which can be stored under the stairs, in a small cupboard or even on a clothes hook. But we know that the kids will love playing in the POD so much that it will be rarely stored.

Some of the key features of the PODS sensory tent include:

  • A specially designed, safe place for children to relax and play

  • Fully adjustable sensory lights that can be brightened at the touch of a button via the remote control

  • A variety of themed settings, allowing your child to immerse themselves and discover different locations such as space or under the sea

  • A gender-neutral approach, with lights, colours and themes that will appeal to both boys and girls 

  • An inflatable body, ensuring the user is safe from risk of harm and promising a quick and easy set-up / take down

  • A wide door, with enough space for a wheelchair to move around comfortably if needs be

  • A removable door for children that want their privacy, but parents, don't worry, there’s a mesh window so you can keep an eye on them while they play.

  • Complementing sound effects, short stories and audiobooks for each theme, adding more of an experience to the senses


"Toby loves his POD, he runs around it looking at the colours and feeling the touch of the pod itself.  It is just such a great idea, we have our own pop-up sensory room that we can put away. "

H. Kay, Surrey

H. Kay,  Parent - Surrey




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