Removable Themes - Magical Princesses Palace

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Simply zip on and zip off these removable themes. Within minutes, it’s super easy to change their world, leading to hours of themed, imaginative role play and relaxation.

When purchased, we’ll send you a download link for the Magical Princesses Palace digital pack for the matching audiobook, ebook and sound effects, cool huh?!

Printed nylon with tailored zips to fit onto the main PODS structure.

Once upon a time in a far out POD

Up in the Ivory towers of PODS Palace, would be Princes and Princesses can look out onto their empire, with an enchanting landscape of rainbows, rolling pastures and waterfalls.

Framed with some friendly critters and wildlife, it is truly a beautiful setting for your little ruler’s experiential play.

With our new digital download pack, explorers can thrive in imaginative play to the sound of birds chirping, falling rain and sparkling rainbows or listen and read along to the adventures of Professor PODS as he journeys back into a time of castles and dragons.

A modern day fairy tale, just like the story books.

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