Removable Themes - Sub Aqua Quest

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Simply zip on and zip off these removable themes. Within minutes, it’s super easy to change their world, leading to hours of themed, imaginative role play and relaxation.

When purchased we’ll send you a download link for the Sub Aqua Quest digital pack for the matching audiobook, ebook and sound effects, cool huh?!

Printed nylon with tailored zips to fit onto the main PODS structure.

Clear the bridge...Dive, Dive, Dive!

Sitting on board the submarine, kids can view the ocean floor, go sea life spotting and chill out in the coral reef.

With our new digital download pack, kids can relax to the sound of the ocean waves, bubbles and sea birds or listen and read along to the adventures of Professor PODS as he delves into the depths of the ocean.

The sub aqua quest theme is perfect for your little deep sea diver to escape and lose themselves in the vibrant colours of the ocean.

Snorkels are not compulsory, but it’s one of the many things to aid in the imaginative play space that is PODS and the ever changing themes.

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