Therapy PODS

Hot yoga inflatable studio pop up luxury tent.jpg

A new collection at PODS. The 360° immersive environment provides a safe space that is designed to encourage relaxation. The Therapy PODS are perfect for reminiscing or evoking the senses through providing an immersive experience, using technology and a pop-up POD.

Helping Dementia

The Therapy POD functions as relaxation spaces for the elderly or those who have dementia. They can easily be utilised in a range of locations including the home environment, care homes and hospitals.


Quality of Life

A spacious, therapeutic environment. Easy movement in and out of bed from a lying position or from a seated position in an armchair. The Therapy PODS can be used as a relaxation or reflection space, as well as an environment for exercise activities.

Supported Living

Therapy PODS are simple and fast to install; they can be operated by anyone by simply unfolding the POD and plugging in the fan.

When on site, sensory rooms become occupied or difficult for the user to navigate to, the POD can be easily carried from room to room on all floors of the building.