Friends of PODS

Happy Customers

"Amazing animal illustrations! We have the Safari Savanna POD and the illustrations of all the animals are so amazing! it has sparked multiple conversations and my son enjoys spotting the animals or matching them to his toys.

The pod has many different light changing settings, it is so easy to use, my 3 year old son is able to use the remote to select the lighting he would like."

Katie-Rose H.

"PODS are very beneficial to our children both at fun club and within their homes in many different ways. These PODS have different designs on them including the ocean and princess castles which light up different colours. To our children, this can be extremely stimulating and calming for them to look at.

For those children who cannot communicate or who aren’t mobile, it is important for them to find something they really enjoy doing and that makes them feel comfortable. We may see the children smiling or even dozing when they are using the PODS. The lights and patterns on our PODS are interesting and creative. It can also be very magical for the children which may help them if they appear distressed.

We are able to put blankets and sensory toys inside the PODS to make the space more comfortable and relaxing for the children; or to feel more ‘home like.’ Adding blankets and cushions can enable to children to lie down or be in whichever position they wish to be in.

Our PODS are inflatable and so are easy to put up or put down regarding the children or events that we have that particular day."

Hannah. I

"One of the best things I have been able to provide for my daughter. We have a Jungle themed POD and it’s one of the best things I have been able to provide for my daughter. The sensory experience benefits her in so many ways. The POD itself is extremely good quality, the design art work is fun and the unit is very inviting. I was particularly drawn to the fact you can zip on and off different themes."

Lorna H.

"Great for adventures!

It’s absolutely brilliant, the boys love going on little adventures in their dinosaur POD, it inflates in 40 seconds and the colours are so vibrant. Highly recommended."

Molly H.