Enhancing Children's Learning Experience Across Schools.

Enhancing Children's Learning Experience Across Schools. - PODS Play

Pop-up structures have emerged as versatile solutions across various sectors due to their portability and adaptability. In 2017, the PODS team was tasked with developing an innovative alternative for the Oldest Children's charity in the world - Coram, and their Life Education, LifeBus program. Traditionally, LifeBus, a mobile trailer equipped with educational tools, visited schools in the UK, but it posed logistical and financial challenges.

Client Brief:

Coram Life Education sought a solution that would replicate the immersive learning environment of the LifeBus, yet be easily deployable by a single educator and fit into a car. Key requirements included quick setup and incorporation of features like integral lighting, interactive walls, and a secret compartment for educational tools. 


We designed LifeSpace, a custom inflatable tent, to meet Coram's needs. This portable structure offers a captivating learning environment while being cost-effective and extremely low maintenance. Key features include a modular design for easy replacement of damaged sections, built-in ventilation systems to ensure comfort for up to 32 children and sponsor branding opportunities.

Benefits to Children:

LifeSpace transforms classrooms into immersive learning environments, promoting engagement and focus among children. Its quick deployment and portability mean educators can efficiently resume educational programs, positively impacting children's learning experiences. Moreover, LifeSpace reduces the need for specialised vehicles, making the program more accessible to schools across the UK.

The LifeSpace kit portable learning experience


Since its inception, 30 LifeSpace units have been distributed nationwide, benefiting schools from Dorset to Aberdeen. Not only does LifeSpace provide an exciting educational service, but it also reduces carbon footprint by utilising small cars for transportation, aligning with sustainability goals.

“As the largest charity provider of physical and mental health workshops in 2,800 primary schools a year, Coram Life Education educators create a sense of awe and wonder with children, and our workshops are fun, engaging and, perhaps most importantly, memorable. Since 2018 we have worked with Alex and PODS to deliver our workshops in a magical ‘LifeSpace’ pop up classroom, set up in schools across the country. Children, and their teachers, really experience the ‘wow’ factor when they see LifeSpace, and their learning is hugely enhanced by the magic of the space.”

Harriet Gill, 

Coram, Managing Director - Education and Wellbeing

Educator and children in LifeSpace education experience


LifeSpace harnesses the fusion of innovation and education, providing children with a dynamic learning experience while offering practical benefits for educators and schools. Its success underscores the importance of tailored solutions in enhancing children's educational journeys.

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