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By Holly Bramwell
Our little boy has Sensory Processing Disorder as well as other multiple conditions which affect his day to day life. One thing that we always struggle to find, is a space that he can go to, to either relax when he’s finding things difficult or to stimulate his senses and help his development.
Then we came across the Pod Play!
The Pod Play ticked all the boxes and has actually been beneficial not just to our son but to his sisters too who used the pod as a ‘chill out’ space after a busy day at school.
It is so easy to use just by simply plugging in the electric pump and affixing it to the pod. The pod then quickly takes shape and is ready to use. We chose the ‘Galactic Space Adventure’ theme, but there are lots of others to choose from to suit your child’s interests! Even better, we found that the ‘theme’ part of the pod is detachable and so you can buy additional themed pod wraps and change them as often as you like!
children playing inside magical sensory POD
The addition of remote controlled build-in lights gives the pod a calming ambience. There are several light settings to choose from to suit your mood.
Another great add on feature that can be purchased, is the Bluetooth speaker which enables you to play sounds and audio books through the pod!
What’s brilliant about the Pod Play is that it can be used anywhere and is so easier to transport! Deflating the pod takes no time at all, it can then be tidied away into its carry case. This means it can be used anywhere in the home or if used in a school setting, it can be moved from one classroom to another, so more children can benefit from using it.
The Pod Play is a must for Sensory Play and really can help all abilities.
child playing inside galactic space adventure POD
The team at PODS Play would like to thank Holly and her family for a wonderful review and for testing out our product!

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