Children’s Play Tents: A Must for Every Toddler!

Children’s Play Tents: A Must for Every Toddler! - PODS Play

As a new parent, you only want the best for your child - be it food, personal care, or toys.

What you probably don’t know is that toys and games are fundamental for the development of a child’s brain & motor functions.

An ERIC study on ‘Contribution of toys to children’s value education’ even suggests that toys & games support children’s overall mental health and help them establish and develop emotional relationships. So, choosing the right set of toys becomes far more critical than what appears on the surface!

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A kid would play with just about anything, but it’s your job to create an environment that promotes growth and contributes to imaginative playing. With so many available options, this can quickly become overwhelming.

But not anymore! Introducing PODS play - children’s play tents made to inspire your toddler’s imagination. In this article, we’d be highlighting the top 5 amazing benefits of children’s play tents - for they’re extremely fun and versatile.

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Without any further ado, let’s get straight into the benefits of PODS play for your child:

● Promotes Imaginative Play

A child’s imagination runs wild, and we are sure you know about it! Children’s play tents, however, are great tools for directing their imagination into something meaningful.
At PODS Play, we even offer different categories ranging from play bundles, therapy bundles, mini bundles & more. Let your toddler embark on a journey with PODS play today!

● Improves Physical Strength

Playing in a tent requires a child to move around, roll, and perform different physical actions.

This healthy mobility is critical to the healthy growth of your child. Our PODS are designed in a way that they help improve not only physical strength but also coordination and agility.

● Help Develop Fine Motor Skills

Children’s play tents work exceptionally well in building motor skills. For example when a toddler walks in and out of the tent, they have to use the bigger muscles in their body for coordination; that’s just one simple area where PODS Play helps with motor skills.

Tents are also a great place for games like hide and seek, board games, drawing, and even taking a nap. All these things work towards improving the motor skills in a child.

● Encourages Quiet Time

Although counter-intuitive, kids love to claim a place where they can hide away from the noise of the world. Indoor tents or as we like to call them, PODS, are the best safe space you can create for your child.

Let us put it this way: Wouldn’t it be good if you can take a break, and stay quiet for a moment when you have a child? Believe us - PODS play is the perfect toy for this aid.

● Gain Social Skills

We’ve established an understanding that children’s play tents are great tools for individual playing. But these tents don’t restrict your child to play alone. On the contrary, these serve as a perfect place to build and gain social skills.

When children play together in an indoor tent, they subconsciously learn how to negotiate, be considerate, and establish boundaries. These are some real-world skills that are pretty hard to acquire!

The bottom line is that PODS help children learn social skills. Our PODS help build an understanding of how to live and behave in an established societal structure.

Wrapping Up

Children’s play tents are an amazing invention! They are versatile, so you aren’t just limited to indoor play. You can take the PODS Play bundle in your car, for they are easy to assemble and disassemble, and can be inflated in a matter of minutes!

Moreover, our tents are made of durable and breathable material, so you don’t have to keep checking your child after short intervals.

Lastly, we’d like to end this article with this: Children’s play tents, without an ounce of doubt, are the best toys you can gift your child. There’s no way around it.

Until next time.

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