How to Set-up your Sensory POD

How to Set-up your Sensory POD - PODS Play

A guide to setting up your very own sensory play tent


With 7 different themes to choose from, there are numerous ways that you can set-up and style your POD tent! 


Using props and toys inside the POD tent


It is important to add variation during playtime for your children as this is how they can develop fundamental skills and develop. Using props and toys to support learning - particularly in the toddler period - is a simple way to encourage cognitive development.


Sensory toys are great - focusing on activating a child’s senses is important and makes the experience fun too. Babies are also eager to learn about the world and their surroundings as they have so much to learn. With the first five years of a child’s life being the most fundamental for learning, it is important to have variety and make the learning experience fun.



The use of props and toys


There are so many toys and exciting games that encourage a child’s developmental skills and physical abilities. It is important to choose the right toy to increase independence and ensure playtime is more interactive.


We have a couple of ideas below for themes props and toys that you might find suitable for pairing with your child’s POD theme. The toy ideas we have put together link specifically to each theme, so they match with the sound effects and audio books.


Magical Princess Palace


  • Princess tiara, wand and mirror
  • Children’s tea set (perfect for picnics with your teddy bears!)
  • Genie lamp (who is an Aladin fan?)
  • Roses and fake flowers or plants
  • Unicorn style dream catcher
  • Plush frog toy (themes with Princess and the Frog)


Sub Aqua Quest 


  • Sea shells and coral
  • Beach ball (for fun active games!)
  • Divers goggles and equipment 
  • Bubble blowing machine
  • Deck chair (perfect for relaxing inside your POD)
  • Funky sunglasses to get in the summer mood
  • Fishing net and fish game activity
  • Bucket and spade 


Rumble in the Jungle


  • Jungle explorers hat and full outfit
  • Binoculars and a map
  • Or even a treasure map!
  • Handheld torch for night time adventures 
  • Long plush snake or crocodile themes cushion
  • Fake plants such as ivy or large leaves
  • Animal print balloons 


Sunset Savanna Safari


  • Mixed pack of toy safari animals such as a zebra, lion, giraffe
  • Safari patterned themed balloons 
  • Sand pit (though this might get messy!)
  • Binoculars and adventurer’s full kit
  • Bug catcher set


Galactic Space Adventure


  • Toy planets or space themed jigsaw puzzles
  • An alien!
  • Tool kit in case there’s a problem with the engine
  • Glow sticks and bracelets to add that party theme
  • Lava lamps 
  • Helmet - space style
  • Glow stars to stick on the walls outside the spaceship


Walking with dinosaurs 




  • Fake dinosaur bones for explorers 
  • Jungle explorer kit including hat, torch and a map
  • Soft plush crocodile or dinosaurs 
  • Dinosaur themed kids games that they can play inside
  • Volcano themed lava lamp
  • Fake plants or grass to make the experience come to life


Polar Ice Igloo


  • Log cushions 
  • Rainbow glasses
  • Ice King/Queen wand and crown
  • Soft Arctic toys
  • Fake snow
  • Dream catcher 


Encourage imaginative play time


A great way to encourage imaginative play is through dress-up. Read all about the importance of dress-up and using props on the linked blog!

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