Colder days and Cosy nights

Colder days and Cosy nights - PODS Play

As the nights become darker at earlier times of day, many of us become conscious that our children are unable to enjoy their usual outdoor play activities. Of course we don't want them running about in the dark on their own or with their friends as this is not safe!

How do children play in the winter season?

Children still require enough playtime when they get home from school, which is important because the children must have that time at the end of the day to wind down before they go to sleep. After a long exhausting day of school, independent relaxation and play time are activities that children look forward to and this is something that we must embrace as parents.

One of the most common activities that children take part in at home is sitting and watching TV. Although this can be good and educational for the child, as well as easy for their parents - we all know that sitting and watching TV for hours on end is not the best activity for children and ideally we do not want to keep them in front of a screen for too long.

Watching hours on end of television a day can reduce a child's sleep and also as they are not burning of energy it might be harder to get a child to relax when they are meant to be going to bed. They also do not practise their social skills whilst watching TV as you are sitting there and not speaking to anyone. It is not a good habit to get into!

Get your child to help you around the house!

Some fun evening ideas which don't involve television screens can include getting your child involved in cooking or helping around the house. These are good methods to show your child the importance of helping others and it also is a great way to show your child that it is important to help other people out.

Many children are very restless and we all know that getting a young child to complete household chores can be an absolute nightmare. Families are in need of a better solution!

Have you ever thought about purchasing a sensory play tent?

Have you ever thought about setting up a sensory room inside your house in your child's play space? This works particularly well in the autumn or winter seasons with the dark nights because the sensory lights become more magnificent and exciting. It is also very cosy for anyone situated around the play POD.

Whilst your children are at school, feel free to set up a sensory play area or sensory play den in a room within your house. Some props that you might put in can include lava lamps, bubble tubes, glow sticks, light-up toys and perhaps even an inflatable sensory tent!

At PODS Play we design and manufacture portable, sensory tents for children to enjoy…

One of the best things about the play POD is that parents can relax knowing that their child is safe within their own home. We have seven different exciting adventures available that you can set-up on your sensory POD so children might one day be roaming around the heart of the rainforest and then the next day be on a galactic space adventure, soaring towards Mars to find new life.

The possibilities for adventures really are endless!

On top of this we have a brand-new PODS Play App where customers can make an account and access their own audio files, e-books and sound effects relating to the theme that they have. This really enhances the immersive experience and encourages children to relax whilst they are utilising their sensory tent..

It is important to switch up activities in your play den!

Adjustable sensory lighting plays a big role - it gives children the control to change the environment completely. If they want a cool and calm environment they might choose light blue for the sensory lighting, whereas if they are in an excitable mood they might choose a multi-coloured rainbow option for a mini PODS party!

Children's products that light up in a dark environment are extremely exciting as the light shines brighter than ever - particularly in the winter period.

Which theme would you choose? Feel free to browse through our range on our website and just drop us an email if you have any questions.

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