Learning in Creative Spaces

Learning in Creative Spaces - PODS Play
Schools are testing new learning environments
Your typical classroom consists of rows of desks and chairs - This has been the case for many years from primary schools to sixth form to university. Is this really the best learning layout for children?
creative learning spaces
Creative learning environment for children
We want children to thrive - Innovation… Creativity… Problem solving… Critical thinking… These are just some of the skills that children develop. If we want children to be creative and to use their imagination to solve problems and come up with new ideas, Then we must play in an environment where this will support these skills.
Children want to feel inspired. They need that creative, fun environment to learn in so that they can be encouraged to continue doing what they do best. How can a child feel inspired by a plain room full of rows of desks and chairs? Yes, there might be art on the wall and pieces of work from the older years, but is this enough?
If we want children to learn - Which might be learning from each other or learning to be creative - then we must provide the correct learning space.
creative learning spaces
Inspirational learning environment for older children
It is important for children to be able to shape their own learning. Creativity allows you to express yourself - creativity allows self-discovery and it is a vital skill that children need to be successful in life. Being creative helps us relax and encourages happiness.
Think about it - a classroom is somewhere that a child must go to on a daily basis (near enough) to learn and develop skills. We want children to be able to enjoy the time they have in the classroom with their teachers. If a child enjoys this time then they are more likely to succeed and do well in class. Children will be able to learn how to enjoy their time in school instead of dreading lessons.
As well as changing the physical environment, a teacher might decide to change the layout of the lesson, to make it more creative and interactive. For example the teacher could make the lesson more visual with colours and images instead of paragraphs of text.
creative learning spaces
Creative learning environment concept in a school
One of the biggest challenges for children in school on a daily basis, is the ‘dullness’ of entering the same building, the same classroom with the same people. As they enter the same environment every day, their time at school blurs into one.
How can we change this? Classroom rotation would be a great way to support creative learning; each day, the pupils could change their environment completely. The teachers could make every class different - perhaps based on a specific theme or topic such as ‘under the sea’ or ‘up in space.’
galactic space adventure pod
Learn and explore in our Galactic Space Adventure POD
Even changing the most simple things such as the layout of the tables and moving the seats around is a good way to start.
Our sensory PODS work brilliantly as learning spaces for children. With each changeable theme, there is a unique story and new things to learn - supported by our removable graphic sets.
From a magical princess kingdom to rumbling around in the heart of the jungle…
Our magical play spaces can be used in all environments from learning at home to the school environment.
magical princess palace pod
Get creative in our Magical Princess Palace POD

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