How to Raise a Happy Toddler!

How to Raise a Happy Toddler! - PODS Play
There is no feeling better than making your child smile. You will always remember that moment you saw your child smile for the first time ever.
As a parent you prioritise your child over absolutely everything - if they are happy then you are happy.
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Simple, small gestures work wonders...

There are many ways to raise a happy toddler. Many people believe that buying a child something new or letting them get their own way is a good method to keep the peace. However in the long run, is this the best way to deal with the situation?
Often it is the small gestures that will make a child happy, for example by telling your child that you love them every night and giving them a cuddle before bed.
This is a gesture that will make your child feel appreciated and loved in the world - if they have had a bad day then this is definitely something that will help them feel better.
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Children learn through creativity

A child will want to explore their creative side and they might want to be involved in an activity that you are not particularly keen on. This could involve messy play in the rain, mud or even with food! As messy as this will make them and as unpleasant as the activity sounds, it is still important to allow your child to have messy play (if this is something they enjoy). 
Yes, you may have to wash their clothes and give them a bath after but remember that they would've been able to explore their imagination and have fun in their own way.

Independent time is also important 

Many parents feel that their child has to always be surrounded by other people for social interaction. On the contrary, many kids will spend a lot of time playing by themselves, especially if they are an only child. The main thing to remember is it is important for a child to have independent time, as well as social time.
A child needs space to reflect and think of themselves - it is the only way they can learn to become independent. If they are constantly surrounded by people then they will get used to this and will not enjoy spending time alone. If they are not able to spend time alone then you will be one very VERY busy parent!
One way to manage this is to create a safe space where the child can retreat to - it is a place where they can just be themselves and reflect on life.
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Engaging and socialising is great for skill building

It is also important for a child to spend time around lots of people of all ages, genders and backgrounds. A child is able to develop self-confidence and is able to learn how to communicate with other people; this is a skill that will stay with them throughout their life.
One thing that many people do not realise is that children can be stressed-out too. Often parents will be engulfed in stress from work or with family or friends, that They do not realise that children can also feel this stress.
Teaching your child to have meditation time is a great activity for them, that they will be able to utilise throughout their life. This might become particularly useful throughout their teenage years or adulthood.

Encouraging happiness amongst children

If you are wondering what ideas could be nice to encourage happiness for your children, we have listed a couple of ideas below.
  1. Making little artwork pieces such as drawings or notes for your child is a nice way to remind them that they are loved and very important to you. Just as parents love receiving artwork from the child, it also works the other way round.

  2. Ensure that you participate in activities with your child for example painting, dancing, exercise or even board games. This shows to your child that you are Keen to spend time with them and that you enjoy doing similar activities. Remember, children learn a lot from their parents!

  3. Remember that children want to feel independent, but also have to feel loved. A mixture of independence and social time is very important for children. Make sure that you put time aside for both of these so that you can spend some quality time together despite all of the other stresses in life!


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