Lifelites Case Study

Lifelites Case Study - PODS Play

Introduction to Lifelites

Lifelites is a wonderful charity who help life-limiting and disabled children the chance to play, be creative and enjoy independence using hospice services through assistive technology. Their hospice services are located across the British Isles and these services are life changing for many children and their families. Children have the opportunity to get involved with many activities that they wouldn’t previously have been able to do such as painting a picture, playing games or even communicating with their family. 


About working with Lifelites

We started working with Lifelites in 2019 and have since ‘provided’ them with over 60 units of PODS for the children they work with. PODS first made the connection with Lifelites back in 2019 where we met at the Kidz to Adultz South Exhibition. Lifelites have since purchased a range of PODS bundles, PODSminis and additional themes using the donations collected. The PODS have been sent-out to families and organisations for many children to enjoy.


Why we enjoy working with Lifelites 

We're absolutely delighted to supply our PODS through Lifelites to children in search of experiencing other worlds. 
To hear about and see the excitement on the children's faces makes it all worthwhile. Lifelites is such a special organisation and it is wonderful to give many children the opportunity to benefit from our PODS.
We're so proud to provide the children with the ability to Rocket off into outer space, to dive into the depths of the ocean or to trek through the jungle.
We're sure our adventure portals will continue to add hours of wonderful playtime and also create a place to relax and unwind for all. 

How our PODS help

PODS help children by giving them that exciting space where they can completely be themselves. The sensory lighting and colourful graphics combined encourage fun, play activities and allow children to explore their imagination. Children can choose between a cool, calming environment or a colourful, rainbow theme depending on their mood. There are 7 different themes available where children can enjoy exploring - one day they might adventure into the depths of the rainforest amongst the animals out there and another day floating in outer space surrounded by stars and planets.

PODS provides the opportunity for engaging learning activities such as learning about animals or colours. Children can engage with the colourful graphics and educational activities can be combined such as “what noise does this animal make?”

Storytelling works really well inside the POD as our accessible audio files and e-books can be played via the PODS speaker and stimulates a child’s creativity as they immerse themselves within a new environment.

PODS are easily transported from room to room meaning the portable sensory room is great for moving around hospitals or classrooms, but also on the road respite domiciliary care. They are easily inflated or deflated (just taking a couple of minutes!) and can fit neatly into the PODS backpack ready for transporting to the next location. This makes PODS ideal for healthcare professionals visiting multiple households or families who move around often.

Happy customers

Recently one of our Walking with Dinosaurs PODS went to Naomi House to help children transport themselves into a new world of different seascapes, stories and music.

How can I support Lifelites?

Donations can be made to Lifelites via their website where all donations will be put towards funding the technology and services at the children’s hospices. The hospices are located all around the British Isles so wherever you are located, there will always be a project nearby.

There is also an option to become a Lifelites Benefactor, which means you would be making regular donations to Lifelites. This would help to give more children an opportunity to escape their condition and enjoy making memories with their family and friends.

You can also fundraise for Lifelites or help with one of their fundraising events. They have a whole range of fundraising ideas on their website here.

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