Storytime in your POD: Kathy the Kind Princess

Storytime in your POD: Kathy the Kind Princess - PODS Play
Today in the PODS blog, we will be talking about why it is important to be kind.
Often the smallest acts of kindness are the ones that have the most impact. It could be something as simple as offering a helping hand, or just a smile.
Our blog this week begins with a magical princess, who lived in an enchanted kingdom filled with all sorts of animals and the most beautiful scenery. The princess, named Kathy, had grown up in this magical kingdom amongst her family and friends. From a young age, she learned how to rule a kingdom and how to be fair. Princess Kathy was taught that everyone who lived in the kingdom was equal and should all be treated kindly. No matter what their age, hair colour or favourite food - everyone was the same!
Princess Kathy's parents - the King and Queen - ruled the kingdom. One day, Princess Kathy would become the queen and rule the kingdom herself.
Princess Kathy was nervous, and wanted to do a good job! She always helped her parents whenever she could because she knew that they had a lot of work to do. Today, she had volunteered to pop to the market to buy some food and drinks for the palace.
sensory princess pod for a princess or prince
Princess Kathy set out walking through the local streets to buy the list of shopping at the local market. It was a hot, sunny day, and it was very busy at the market because the local residents loved to socialise in the nice weather.
Princess Kathy wandered around the market stools, buying and thanking the shop owners for all of her purchases. In Kathy's basket, she had one bottle of cold milk, a fresh fillet of tuna fish, one large ham and cheese sandwich, one slice of chocolate cake, and two large oranges.
"Well that was successful, I have so much shopping now," said Princess Kathy - thinking out loud.
Princess Kathy left the market stalls with her full basket and began to head home. As she walked back along the cobbled streets, she noticed an old lady who was trying to cross the streets. The old lady looked very afraid as it was very busy with lots of people, so Princess Kathy thought that it would be nice to help the old lady.
"Hello there, please do let me help you cross the streets!" said Princess Kathy.
"That would be lovely, dear. I have been trying to cross the street for ages now," replied the grateful, old lady. Princess Kathy put down her basket and helped the old lady to cross safely.
"Thank you, Princess Kathy, you really are so kind," said the old lady.
magical princess pod beautiful
When Princess Kathy returned to her basket, she reached down to grab the handle when she heard a small "meow". She turned around to find a very tiny kitten; the kitten looked very weak and lonely.
"Meow, meooooow!" cried the kitten.
"Oh goodness!" exclaimed Princess Kathy. "You look like you need a drink and some food."
"Meoooow!" said the kitten in agreement. The kitten looked towards Princess Kathy's basket which had some fresh milk and tuna fish.
Princess Kathy reached into her basket and pulled out the bottle of milk and tuna fish. She unwrapped the fresh tuna and poured the cold milk into the lid, before placing it in front of the kitten. "Meooooooow!'' said the kitten who was very happy now, and he licked his lips and enjoyed his meal.
Princess Kathy smiled and continued on her walk back to the palace. She bumped into two children who were arguing amongst themselves - the youngest of the two was crying! It appeared that the child was upset, as she had dropped her ice cream on the floor and it had melted in the sun to form a pink, sticky puddle.
"Well, I suppose I can help you out there. I don't have any ice cream as it would melt in this weather, but I do have a large slice of chocolate cake!"
Princess Kathy reached into her basket and pulled out a delicious-looking chocolate cake - packed in a blue box with gold writing.
The young girl's eyes lit up and a smile widened on her face. "Thank you so much, Princess Kathy, you really are the kindest princess!" she exclaimed.
As Princess Kathy continued her stroll through the streets in the magical kingdom, she couldn't help but notice a young man who was sitting on the side of the road. He looked very sad and lonely. The Princess felt sad for the young man, so she walked over to say hello.
“Good morning! Could I help you with anything? Or at least cheer you up!” exclaimed the Princess.
“Hello Princess Kathy, I am so very hungry. I don’t have much money so I cannot afford to buy food to eat,” said the young man, sadly.
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Princess Kathy looked into her basket. “Let me see if there is something I can give you to eat, as I have just done some shopping at the market!” There was a large ham and cheese sandwich sat in the corner of the basket. It did look very delicious, although Princess Kathy thought about the poor man who hadn’t eaten - he needed it more than she did.
“Perfect!” The Princess smiled as she reached into her basket and pulled out the sandwich for the young man.
The young man couldn’t believe his luck. “Princess Kathy, I cannot thank you enough! That is so very kind of you. You are truly the kindest Princess.”
As Kathy entered the palace gates, she nodded to the two palace guards "good afternoon Jimmy and Charlie, I hope that you are having a lovely day!" "Thank you, Princess Kathy, we are having a wonderful day. Although the weather is very warm and humid - we are finding it difficult to stand here in this heat!"
Princess Kathy looked into her nearly empty basket; there were two large, fresh oranges that sat neatly and ready to be eaten. "Well I suppose you can have some oranges as a snack,” she said as she handed them the fruit.
The guards bowed their heads and thanked the Princess. “You really are the kindest, Princess Kathy.”
Princess Kathy headed back into the palace, where she was greeted by her parents - the king and queen.
"I did all the shopping I promised! I bought a fillet of fresh tuna and a bottle of milk but gave them to a small, hungry kitten. Then I bought a big slice of chocolate cake, although I gave that to a young child who was very sad. I bumped into a poor young man who was hungry - I gave him the sandwich! Also, I did purchase the oranges too... Although I gave them to the two guards at the front gate of the palace - they were tired from the hot weather. And then..."
"Princess Kathy, we are so proud of you," her parents interrupted. "We have always taught you that kindness is so important and that you should always treat other people well. You have put others before yourself - although you wanted the fish, milk, fruit, cake, and the sandwich, you kindly gifted them to others who needed it more."
Princess Kathy beamed, "I guess you are right! I like to help other people and spread kindness. We should all be doing the same. Thank you, Mum and Dad!"
"Well done my darling," said the queen happily. "We have taught you all that we can - being kind to others is one of the most important things and you have demonstrated that today. One day, you are going to rule this kingdom and make a wonderful queen!"
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