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Sensory Rooms in Public Spaces - PODS Play

Sensory Rooms in Public Spaces

Sensory rooms, also known as multisensory environments, are specialised spaces designed to stimulate the senses and provide a calming and therapeutic experience for individuals with sensory processing disorders or other special needs. These rooms are often found in schools, hospitals, and other public spaces, and can provide a much-needed break for individuals who may be overwhelmed by the stimuli of their environment. Equipment for Sensory Rooms Sensory rooms typically include a variety of sensory equipment, such as soft lighting, bubble tubes, fibre optic strands, and other visual and tactile stimuli. The goal of a sensory room is to provide a...

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How To Have Fun During The Holidays with Your Children - PODS Play

How To Have Fun During The Holidays with Your Children

Challenges faced during the Christmas period One of the challenges that parents face during the Christmas holidays is finding ways to keep their children entertained. With schools and many other activities closed for the holiday season, parents may struggle to find activities and events that will keep their children engaged and entertained. This can be especially difficult for parents who are also trying to balance the demands of work and other responsibilities. Another challenge that parents may face during the Christmas holidays is managing their children's expectations. The holiday season is often associated with gift-giving and other forms of indulgence,...

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Why is it important to nurture a child’s creativity and imagination? - PODS Play

Why is it important to nurture a child’s creativity and imagination?

Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Imagination is a critical part of child development, so parents should encourage their child’s imagination and nurture creativity. When a child is in ‘play mode,’ they often cannot tell the difference between real and pretend life, so it is a great way for them to experience new scenarios and develop a broad range of skills.     When children are exploring their creative side through imaginative play, it is often their method of making sense of the world and testing a range of experiences. Imagination is very important as a child...

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DIY Sensory Room Ideas - PODS Play

DIY Sensory Room Ideas

There are many benefits of adding a sensory room to your household for your children to relax, play and develop key skills. Sensory rooms can particularly help children with sensory needs such as autism or cerebral palsy. The sensory experience can help a child to feel more relaxed and focus for a longer period of time. It is a fun, unique, indoor experience that doesn’t involve sitting in front of a TV screen all night!   Finding play activities in the winter period It can be particularly challenging to find activities for your children during the autumn and winter periods,...

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