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How to Raise a Happy Toddler! - PODS Play

How to Raise a Happy Toddler!

There is no feeling better than making your child smile. You will always remember that moment you saw your child smile for the first time ever. As a parent you prioritise your child over absolutely everything - if they are happy then you are happy.   Simple, small gestures work wonders... There are many ways to raise a happy toddler. Many people believe that buying a child something new or letting them get their own way is a good method to keep the peace. However in the long run, is this the best way to deal with the situation? Often...

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Healthy Child Magazine: Dr Ranj Singh - PODS Play

Healthy Child Magazine: Dr Ranj Singh

"Any child can benefit from a sensory play environment, though they are particularly helpful for children with developmental disorders such as autism or sensory processing disorders. For instance, a child may find it difficult to play appropriately with a peer when there are conflicting noises in the background; through sensory play exploring sounds and tasks, the child learns to adapt to being able to block out the irrelevant noise, and focus on the task at hand.   In another example, some children who don't take to new food experiences can be helped through sensory play with substitutes using the same...

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Why is Meditation Important for Children? 🧘 - PODS Play

Why is Meditation Important for Children? 🧘

Meditation works wonders... Take 30 minutes out of your day to meditate… Or even just 10 minutes if you are busy.” We are always told to spend some time just relaxing and focusing on breathing. It might be first thing in the morning or the last thing you do before bed. It might be half an hour before your exam or halfway through your day at work. People often forget about the children!  What they don’t tell you is that meditation is ALSO great for children.   Meditation is generally associated with ‘adults’ as they have a greater ability to...

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Why is Reading before Bed Important? - PODS Play

Why is Reading before Bed Important?

Reading before bed can make up an important part of your child’s bedtime routine. A bedtime routine is important in general, because it promotes development and improves well-being for the child, as well as an improved sleep. Many children do not hear bedtime stories... But did you know that only 4% of parents read a bedtime story to their children every night? Only 1 in 10 children hear a bedtime story each night before they go to sleep. Experts say that the perfect length of time for bedtime stories is 10-15 minutes as this covers time for a child to gain...

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