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Why is it Important to Diagnose ADHD? - PODS Play

Why is it Important to Diagnose ADHD?

It has recently been on the news that ADHD is under diagnosed in females, which has led to many females being dismissed as anxious or depressed. Statistics have shown that lots of women have had to wait at least a couple of years to even get a formal assessment for their ADHD symptoms. This year, the wait time has gotten even longer. ADHD is often not properly understood - particularly with younger children. It can have a big impact on someone's life as children and adults can end up growing up, not understanding why they can't focus well. At school,...

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Tummy Time for Tots - PODS Play

Tummy Time for Tots

Tummy time tummy time tummy time… It is what all of the physiotherapists and healthcare professionals tell you about! But have you ever understood why tummy time is very important for a young child? Tummy time is when a baby or a young child is placed on their stomach whilst they are awake and supervised by a responsible adult. The activity will help a baby to develop a strong neck, shoulder muscles and also encourages motor skills. Once a child has developed their muscle strength in these areas, they will be closer to the milestones of sitting up, crawling and...

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Learning in Creative Spaces - PODS Play

Learning in Creative Spaces

Schools are testing new learning environments Your typical classroom consists of rows of desks and chairs - This has been the case for many years from primary schools to sixth form to university. Is this really the best learning layout for children?   Creative learning environment for children   We want children to thrive - Innovation… Creativity… Problem solving… Critical thinking… These are just some of the skills that children develop. If we want children to be creative and to use their imagination to solve problems and come up with new ideas, Then we must play in an environment where...

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How to Raise a Happy Toddler! - PODS Play

How to Raise a Happy Toddler!

There is no feeling better than making your child smile. You will always remember that moment you saw your child smile for the first time ever. As a parent you prioritise your child over absolutely everything - if they are happy then you are happy.   Simple, small gestures work wonders... There are many ways to raise a happy toddler. Many people believe that buying a child something new or letting them get their own way is a good method to keep the peace. However in the long run, is this the best way to deal with the situation? Often...

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