Why is it Important to Diagnose ADHD?

Why is it Important to Diagnose ADHD? - PODS Play
It has recently been on the news that ADHD is under diagnosed in females, which has led to many females being dismissed as anxious or depressed. Statistics have shown that lots of women have had to wait at least a couple of years to even get a formal assessment for their ADHD symptoms. This year, the wait time has gotten even longer.
ADHD is often not properly understood - particularly with younger children. It can have a big impact on someone's life as children and adults can end up growing up, not understanding why they can't focus well.
At school, a child with ADHD might be labelled as 'ditzy' or a 'day-dreamer'. This can often lead to the teacher not making so much of an effort with that child or in some cases bullying.
There is a typical pressure on young girls particularly, where they should be 'organised' whereas young boys are typically encouraged to express themselves for who they are. ADHD can have a big impact on someone's behaviour, which is why it is so important for a child to be diagnosed as urgently as possible.
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A study has shown that 92% of those tested in a study felt that their diagnosis of ADHA had improved their life.
A lot of people think that ADHD is more so common in younger boys and men - however the truth is that ADHD is equally likely in males and females.
Every child is unique and will have their own ways of working and learning that works best for them. There are multiple ways that you can help a child who has ADHD. We have listed a couple of ideas below:
  • Creating structure - ensure they have a day-to-day routine
  • Simplify tasks and break them into small pieces
  • Help your child to keep organised
  • Limit distractions whilst focusing on learning or a particular task
  • Exercise! Encourage it
  • Talk out-loud and teach them that out-loud thinking is good!
  • Encourage wait time and patience


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Our PODS provide a calming space for children of all abilities. They are great for reading, writing, learning, relaxing and playtime! Imagination is a key part of learning too don't forget.
We have had very positive feedback from many families who have a child with ADHD. Our PODS reduce stress and anxiety - they can function in multiple ways.
Get in touch if you would like to find-out more about our wonderful play spaces.

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