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What‌ ‌Effects‌ ‌do‌ ‌Colours‌ ‌have‌ ‌on‌ ‌Children? - PODS Play

What‌ ‌Effects‌ ‌do‌ ‌Colours‌ ‌have‌ ‌on‌ ‌Children?

Bold, block colours are often more enticing for children, compared to neutral or pastel shades. The colour wheel perfectly highlights the colours that appeal to children the most, which include the primary colours: red, yellow and blue, and secondary colours: green, orange and purple. For these reasons, toys and games designed specifically for younger children are often associated with the primary and secondary colours, as these are more aesthetically pleasing for this age group. Typically, a child’s vision will not be fully developed until the age of 8 years old and most babies will also only start to see the...

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Why Dress Up is a Great Idea - PODS Play

Why Dress Up is a Great Idea

Creativity is a large part of childhood; as parents, we understand that encouraging our children to think creatively is a great way to develop fundamental skills. But how can we stimulate creativity and imaginative play? Creativity is the path to success, the ability to look at problems and think laterally for solutions. One of the best ways to inspire creativity is through the use of an environment. Your child needs to be in the right mindset - let's get out their collection of dress-up clothes and any toys that might be useful as props. Your POD already provides a great...

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Why is it Important to Diagnose ADHD? - PODS Play

Why is it Important to Diagnose ADHD?

It has recently been on the news that ADHD is under diagnosed in females, which has led to many females being dismissed as anxious or depressed. Statistics have shown that lots of women have had to wait at least a couple of years to even get a formal assessment for their ADHD symptoms. This year, the wait time has gotten even longer. ADHD is often not properly understood - particularly with younger children. It can have a big impact on someone's life as children and adults can end up growing up, not understanding why they can't focus well. At school,...

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Tummy Time for Tots - PODS Play

Tummy Time for Tots

Tummy time tummy time tummy time… It is what all of the physiotherapists and healthcare professionals tell you about! But have you ever understood why tummy time is very important for a young child? Tummy time is when a baby or a young child is placed on their stomach whilst they are awake and supervised by a responsible adult. The activity will help a baby to develop a strong neck, shoulder muscles and also encourages motor skills. Once a child has developed their muscle strength in these areas, they will be closer to the milestones of sitting up, crawling and...

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